Membership – One Child

Please complete this form for the child you are a parent/guardian of to become a member.

There is a €30 annual membership fee that must be paid once you click “Submit and Pay Annual Membership Fee” at the end of this form.

Every member over 16 needs to be Garda vetted.

Kinsale Chess Mates has adopted the Irish Chess Union (ICU) code of conduct. This is available here: ICU Code of Conduct

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Name of Parent/Guardian 1
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Member Name
Please enter date of birth using the format – YYYY
Do you consent to the capture of photographs featuring you and your family members during club events or within the club premises?
From time to time, we may seek to capture photographs of our junior player for the club’s website and promotional efforts aimed at increasing awareness of the club and seeking sponsorships. These images will always be used in a respectful and appropriate manner, and never for commercial purposes. Our intention is solely to showcase our members on our website and in materials promoting our club and chess-related activities.
Code of Conduct
It is mandatory for all members to adhere to the code of conduct.
Are you able to volunteer in any capacity at the club?